Networking Overview

Networking offers vital support and business solutions by connecting with fellow members facing similar day-to-day challenges. It's a platform to share experiences, and ideas, and gain valuable information and support. Members can network with peers, regulatory contacts, and solution providers. Active participation in networks enhances relationships and effectiveness. Discover how you can engage in SILA's member network.

Explore these networking opportunities:

  • Discussion Forums
  • Subgroups (focused on speciality areas)
  • Chapters (network with members in geographic proximity)

SILA Discussion Forums

The SILA Discussion forums are an online platform where members can engage in conversations, share ideas, ask questions, and exchange information on various topics. These forums typically consist of threads, which are individual discussion topics, and within each thread, users can post messages or replies.

The SILA Discussion forums are set up in communities that consist of a General SILA members community, and a Community for each Subgroup.

Overall, the SILA discussion forums provide a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community building across a wide range of topics and interests. They can be valuable resources for learning, networking, and exchanging ideas with other members who share similar challenges or professional interests.


SILA Agency Carrier Subgroup

The purpose of the SILA Agency and Carrier Subgroup (SACS) is to create a platform for agency-carrier members to openly discuss challenges in communication. Together, we address issues and develop best practices to improve agency-carrier interactions. Areas of focus include appointments, commissions, affiliations, background checks, and limited lines.

Adjuster Licensing Subgroup

The SILA Adjuster Licensing Subgroup (SALS) primary purpose is to be the forum for adjuster licensing education and awareness. SALS continued goal is to provide accurate information for everything that pertains to the Adjuster Licensing world, covering Company and Independent adjusters.

Education & Training Subgroup

The SILA Education & Training Subgroup provides a forum to address issues related to areas of CE and prelicensing regulation, administration, communication, and other matters impacting the level of service offered to producers and the quality of educational programming available to the industry as a whole.

Securities Industry Subgroup

The goal of the Securities Subgroup is to provide an open forum for Broker Dealers and Investment Adviser members to communicate with each other and interact with FINRA senior staff and other regulatory bodies. The securities membership is a subset of the SILA membership that continues to grow each year.

Surplus Lines Subgroup

The Surplus Lines Subgroup provides an information exchange to educate members involved in surplus lines licensing, tax filings and rules and regulations surrounding surplus placements. Participation in the subgroup is open to all SILA members who have an interest or concern about surplus lines licensing.


Engaging in chapter meetings is indeed a valuable way to maximize the benefits of your association membership. Despite geographical limitations, virtual participation opens up opportunities for all SILA members to join these meetings. Keep an eye out for email notifications about future Chapter meetings and their subjects. Sign up for the ones that align with your areas of interest.

Buckeye Chapter

Available to SILA Members in Ohio and surrounding states.


Greater Kansas City area


SILA Members in the Minnesota and surrounding states.


SILA Members in the great state of Texas.


SILA Members in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut